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Sinoguide Technology TCI160F thermal interface material

The Sinoguide Technology announces the availability of its latest TCI material, TCI160F. It is a silicone based fiberglass-reinforced thermal interface material, featuring an optional adhesive coating. The material's smooth and non-tacky surfaces allow for easy re-positioning and error reduction in assembly.

Thermal Conductive Grease Samples

TCI160F is supplied without a liner in dry form and on a carrier liner when supplied with optional adhesive coating. Exceptional thermal performance is exhibited across a range of application pressures.

Excellent cut through resistance, facilitated dispensing and low interfacial resistance makes it ideal for applications such as: power supplies, motor controls, automotive electronics, telecommunications and placement between an electronic power device and its heatsink.

Designed for applications where electrical isolation is critical, TCI160F also has a 6000V breakdown threshold and excellent filling performance.

It is available in sheets, rolls, die-cut parts of any shape or size and slit-to-width roll form, with a standard thickness of 0.23mm. 

Sinoguide Technogy is a renowned supplier of thermal interface materials for the electronic, medical, semiconductor, optics, automotive and aerospace industries. For more information, call Sinoguide Technology at +86-755-89375091 or email

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