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Thermal Conductive Putty/Gel

Features and Benefits

◇ 3.0 W/mk Thermal Conductivity,Good Thixotropism
◇ Soft and ultra high compressibility for low stress applications
◇ Higher viscosity compound than grease, it eliminates the bleed,
separation,pump-out & dirtly other parts usually associated with grease.

Typical Application:
◇ Between heat-generation Conponment and and heatsink.
◇ Automotive engine control, Graphices Cards, Telecom device.
◇ Wireless Hub,Military equipment, power supply.
◇ Entire large panel PCB Cooling
◇ Any high compression low stess application

Typical Properties of Thermal Conductive Putty/Gel
Properties Units TCP300P TCP300G Test Method
Color --- White or Light Blue White or Light Blue Visual
Min. BondlineThickness (mm) NA 0.1 ---
Thickness mm 1.0 to 5.0 NA ---
Density(g/cm) --- 2.88 2.88 ASTM D792
Hardness (Shore ) 00 5 NA ASTM D2240
Viscosity(@0.5rpm)  NA  4000000 ASTM D2240
Temperature Range -40 to 200 -40 to 200 EN344
Volume Impedance  ohm-cm 5 x1014 1 x1013 ASTM D150
Thermal Conductivity W/m.k 3.0  3.0  ASTM D5470

Thermal Conductive Putty TCP300P
Thermal Conductive Gel TCP300G

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