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Industrial Rubber Parts:
various types of shock absorber parts, grommets, washers, pads, seals, industrial and mining parts and customized parts

 Auto Rubber Parts:
rubber buffer block, dust-proof sets, shock absorber bushing, suspension parts support, torque connector, automotive seals.

Silicone Parts:
The main products are silicone tube, irregular extrusion parts, high-temperature silicone glass fiber pipes, electrical used silicone products, silicone products for kitchen use, high temperature silicone connection pipes and other industrial items.

Electronic Grade Silicone Rubber:
Excellent physical, mechanical and electrical properties,High Voltage Insulating and Fire Resistant silicone rubber,It is suitable for making various kinds of electrical and electronic fabrications with fire retardant and insulation properties such as anode cap and kinescope for TV set…

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