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High thermal conductivity interface materials- Low Cost

High thermal conductivity interface materials- Low Cost

No surface is perfectly smooth. These microscopic blemishes increase contact resistance and reduce heat flow between surfaces. Micro-gaps or surface roughness prevent effective heat transfer potentially leading to device failure. Sinoguide Tech offers cost-effective thermal materials for your electronic devices heat transfer.

TCP series thermal pad from Sinoguide Technology are ntended to minimize the thermal barrier that exists between the surface of a microprocessor, for example, and an attached heat-sink. Measurement of this barrier is generally expressed as a value for thermal resistance between two mating surfaces (semiconductor case and heat-sink base). Minimizing the resistance value reduces potential for semiconductor overheating, resulting in increased reliability during system operation and increased life. Excessive operating temperature is generally acknowledged as the cause of early component failure. The amount of power dissipated as waste heat due to inefficiency at the device level can range from a fraction of a watt to tens or hundreds of watts, depending on the specifics of the semiconductor and the intended operation.

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