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Heat Conductive Materials Offers the Following Characteristics

  • High heat dissipation ability due to the use of Boron Nitride compounds.
  • Silicone-based heat conductive materials contain high percentage of thermally conductive fillers.
  • Exhibit outstanding thermal performance and stability when filling the gap between the heat-generating device and its corresponding heatsink.
  • Designed to dissipate heat and provide electrical insulation for power transistors, power modules, CPU's, GPU's, NorthBridge and other electrical components.
  • Available in several different thicknesses, allowing the materials to be used in applications where the two mating surfaces of the assembly are either irregular or non-coplanar.
  • A wide usable temperature range.
  • Easily applied and removed as a temporary attachment.
  • Excellent tear strength due to glass cloth reinforcement.

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