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SinoGuide Thermal Conductive Soft Pad Products Info

Thermal Conductive Soft Pads are specially designed for the purpose of high performance thermally conductivity to solve some of most difficult thermal problems. The material is used to conform to the irregular surface under moderate application pressures. The products are widely applied in electronic parts such as IC, CPU, LED, laptops, PC, DVD application and so on. It has been also used in memory modules, heat pipe assemblies, voltage regulators and automotive electronics. Fiberglass carrier can be added for improved mechanical strength and also provides an adhesive for improved application performance.

The very flexible structure and low hardness allow great adaptively to the cooling surface even at low contact pressures. The thermal pad equalizes the effect of irregularities from microscopic scale to visible scratches etc. The surface of the pad is equipped with a protective foil which needs to be removed before use. 

The pads can be used on VRAM modules on graphics cards as well as on the VRM modules on a Mainboard or almost any other application where a high-performance thermal interface is desired. Even elements with large surfaces such as North- or Southbridge on a Mainboard are no problem for this thermal pad as it has great thermal conductivity

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